Sadler’s Warehouse

Elberry Properties

Working closely with Elberry Properties and Construct-Ten from concept stage we helped to shape the vision for the conversion of this disused and unloved building. Our involvement continued throughout the stages and culminated in several successful award submissions.

The former Chichester District Museum at 29 Little London (previously Sadler’s Warehouse) is a Grade II listed agricultural/industrial building located on the east side of Little London, and is within the historic walls of the City of Chichester. The property comprises a complex three storey building, with a small basement. The buildings are constructed in a ‘W’ shape, set in an area of paved and tarmac hardstanding.

The  conversion was developed following a process of analysis and consultation with relevant stakeholders. These buildings have both been the subject of modern renovation, and existing non-structural room partitions were removed.  The key factors in designing the regeneration of this commercial building to provide sustainable residential accommodation are:

  • to retain as far as is possible the open plan nature and original fabric and features of the existing building;
  • to preserve the external appearance and use matching materials and finishes for any alteration work.

Materials choice was also guided by the consideration of providing a low maintenance/long life expectancy. Large living/kitchen/dining spaces are positioned to make the most of the significant existing large horizontal spaces.  Existing modern sub-divisions are removed and new lightweight walls inserted to align with the existing beams and to retain the visibility of the main floor and roof beams and trusses.  Blocking-up or opening-up of existing internal solid walls was kept to a minimum.

Winner of the 2016 Sussex Heritage Awards Mid Scale Residential Category

Shortlisted for the Sunday Times British Homes Awards 2016

Winner of the South Coast Property Awards Small Residential Category 2017